YouTube Turns Its Focus To Creators With The Introduction Of Frequency Capping And Other Exciting Advertising Features

YouTube recently held its Brandcast and that’s where the tech giant delivered a groundbreaking presentation that clearly highlighted a particular focus, its video creators.

Plenty of brands as well as advertising agencies were a part of the audience where the company put forward new solutions in terms of ad frequency and how big of an impact the platform had over internet TVs.

This is being hailed as the first time ever that the app hosted a Brandcast at a period we’d like to say it upfront.

At the event, we heard YouTube’s CEO reassure the audience that those that love creators’ work were actually turning to the platform to watch what sort of content they were producing. And that puts another immense responsibility on their shoulders of what should and shouldn’t be shown.

Various stats and figures were highlighted such as grand estimates of how nearly 230 million viewers that were 18 and above were tuning in. And these reports are from last year. Therefore, you can only imagine how the app is serving as mainstream.

There were some very wise words allotted by Google’s President too, who stated another interesting find of 35% of YouTube’s connected TV users couldn’t be connected through another steaming device or platform. And that’s because they’re hooked on to YouTube and trust the app the most.

In addition to that, Google’s President Thygesen says there are a number of alluring options for advertising through the app, and it’s confirmed how strong of a position YouTube holds in that respect.

YouTube’s biggest efforts at the Brandcast revolved around delivering an incentive-based pitch that would now allow for frequency capping for advertisements. This was directed to the numerous agencies so that at the end of it all, big names that make use of ads on Google could now put weekly limits. And that means being in the driver’s seat by deciding when or how often viewers can see these ads.

Be it weekly goal setups or others, video creators can now suit a frequency target that best suits their needs through numerous in-house formats.

Additionally, creators were informed about the app’s frequency campaigns and how they come built-in with these caps. The benefits are plenty like bidding farewell to wastage or even concepts like over-delivery. At the same time, creators are in charge of maximizing their outreach with the new frequencies in place.

It’s definitely a revolutionary step forward for YouTube and that’s probably one of the many reasons why it’s referred to it as a first for the industry, setting standards for so many others in terms of ad frequencies.

Recently, we saw the platform being credited for its brand safety protocols by the Media Rating Council. And the honor is yet to be given to any other platform yet.

Similarly, the MRC gave the company recognition for its efficient review systems including those that take painstaking efforts to critique content before it gets published while keeping a check on which content maintains eligibility for ads.

YouTube didn’t stop there as we saw it make announcements for functionalities that assist both creators and agencies develop impactful links with its viewers.

As it is, the platform is super excited about introducing a new feature that enables two channels to combine or co-host simultaneously. This way, communities will be united as one on a live stream.

Through live streams like these, creators can begin their content relating to e-commerce on the channel, followed by redirection to another brand’s platform so that fans stay glued to the screen.

Similarly, the company is super geared up for its yearly Beauty Fesitval that comes as another live stream and gets hosted by the app’s Fashion Head. This time though, users would be able to shop too.

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