Google And Apple’s App Stores Are Guilty Of Monopoly, Claims New Report

The digital world often lets big names like Google and Apple get away with quite a lot and a new study is proving to many how both these tech giants are guilty of monopolistic dealings in their own app stores.

The new report comes from India’s Alliance of Digital Foundation which has gone into quite a bit of detail surrounding both these companies. This includes how leading global regulatory bodies have gone about highlighting how both Apple and Google employ a huge influence over the entire mobile app community.

Additionally, the study delineates how both these leading names in the tech industry are charging a giant sum of money in the name of fees for their services. But it doesn’t stop there. The study also sheds light on some of the practices employed by Google towards inhibiting developers from accepting outside modes of payment from any of its target markets.

Therefore, Google is making a huge commission by this means. Moreover, we’re now seeing leading Indian developers calling out Google’s protocols as unfair while raising strong objections against their policies.

The developers have actually gone as far as referring to the monopoly ordeals as a form of abuse that wouldn’t be tolerated because not only is it unreasonable but also a practice that misuses power.

At the end of the day, it’s the developer that suffers the most, leaving them with zero options other than the usual compliance. But now that the issue is starting to get highlighted more than ever, both Apple and Google are going to be scrutinized in the public eye.

The report is just a chunk of what global regulators have been mentioning for a long time in regards to their reservations about both these tech giants abusing power and employing monopoly at the app store.

At the moment, we’re seeing Apple be at the center of a high-profile investigation in different leading nations like Japan, India, the US, Europe, and even Australia. Similarly, we’re seeing Google be the target of a number of legal proceedings in similar destinations.

India is being really stringent on the matter as its Competition Commission Committee investigates both tech giants for abusing power in the digital market of today.

This particular study puts a lot of policies into perspective from leading app store leaders, their regulations, and what effects it has on the app market of today. Similarly, we’re seeing the study call out for immediate needs relating to fair competitive practices for all the app stores.

Not only will this make it easier for users as well as developers to broaden their choices, but the study highlights how it will rid monopoly and related practices that ignore the country’s competitive laws while having deleterious consequences on leading startups.

At the moment, both these companies are dominant players in today’s market and ecosystem. They’re hurting other competitors who are making efforts to come forward and that’s why studies like these are being appreciated for having the courage to speak up on critical issues like these.

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