YouTube Says A ‘Good Story’ Is What Drives Engagement And Generates Views

YouTube is giving out some handy tips for content creators across the board. The famous social media app spoke about how digital viewership has increased by nearly 30% when compared to stats from the previous year.

Similarly, the company shed light on the key to great engagement and trending content is basically derived from viewer choice. And based on that, it claims a great story is an integral element that is sure to take viewers far.

The social media giant delineated a recent study where participants were surveyed and based upon that, it’s safe to say that 94% of respondents claim good stories are what drives success for videos while adding how content that comes under the category of good is related to being relevant and having a more personal touch.

In case you weren’t already aware, YouTube has more than 2 billion users who arise each month to fulfill their cravings related to wonderful content.

The findings come at a time when the company is all set to showcase at this year’s Brandcast. You might be interested to know that the event scheduled for tomorrow has actually shifted from NewFronts. Instead, it appears to align more focus on content that will get TV ads.

Other key findings of the study were related to viewers who responded. They were asked to elaborate upon what they understood by the term good content. And that’s where most of the responses that were recorded had to do with relevant content and one that satisfied their visual and intellectual sensations. Content that they could relate to on an emotional level was also talked about as were those that appealed to all the senses.

The CDO of Vice Media has revealed how important it is for YouTube viewers to see an image of theirs in the content that they’re viewing and in cases where they aren’t able to relate, well, that’s not good enough content for them and they’ll leave.

Another shocking finding was related to how 80% of viewers were much more open to viewing branded ads if the video they were watching was relevant to them. On the other hand, 88% of respondents even said that YouTube plays an integral role in broadening their horizons and way of thinking.

In the same way, the survey proved how 94% claimed that entertainment was important for them and how content that’s good would be equivalent to those that featured a great story. Similarly, 92% of viewers mentioned that good content is made using innovative thinking and extra efforts.

At least 85% of respondents shared how content that appealed to them on an emotional level was classified as good for them but that doesn’t mean adding an element of drama to videos. Users are very keen on seeing different emotions in perspective, whenever they’re watching any content.

More than half of the responses were related to users claiming they were able to find good content on the app while 45% said their experiences were better than streaming services and 27% attributed better experiences than that seen on TV.

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