Why is Meta getting late removing the Facebook linked account login for Quest users?

Last year, Meta announced that they are working on a system for accounts to quit the Facebook login necessity for the newly launched augmented reality-based headsets, three-dimensional avatars, and other virtual devices. Quest owners have been patiently waiting since last October, and up till now, we've no clue when Mark Zuckerberg reveals the most awaited development leading to Metaverse.

Zuckerberg said that the Quest users would not require to log in through their Facebook profiles next year. And almost half a year has passed, and Quest users are still restlessly waiting for it. When one deletes their Facebook profile, or in another scenario, if the account is temporarily blocked due to company policy's restrictions, the gaming library of the Quest user in Meta world will eventually become inaccessible, so, basically, removing the Facebook login requirement will grant users an opportunity to directly access the Meta world without being linked to a Facebook account. Recently Meta CTO "Boz" revealed on Instagram that Meta remembers they've to release this update, and for that purpose, they are working on it. But, they are not providing us with the exact time when this will occur as the process is still under development. According to Boz, the account structure needs to be modified with some transitions keeping in mind the data privacy. Some hindrances keep on making it late. Meta wants to adopt a video game system to work with binary accounts properly. So, the explanations from Boz suggested that the data transfer mechanism is letting Meta delay. Data stored in your Oculus Quest 2 headsets saves all personal information, including email address, real identity, friends' names, games library, etc.

In addition, video game consoles also store Facebook account details that help Meta show content and advertisements related to user preferences. This data privacy is the main reason that's taking time to design a completely different account system. So, there might be some legal issues in the background causing a delay in this process.

The new account system will enable Quest 2 buyers and upcoming Quest 3 buyers to keep their data secure and limited to their Quest accounts, not Facebook. That's indeed a big challenge for Meta to design this new system. At this moment, we can't predict when and how Meta will make it available to Quest users.

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