Twitter Gives Users A New Layer Of Conversation With The Launch Of Its Super Follower

Twitter will soon be launching a new feature for users that provides them with another exciting layer of conversation.

The social media giant claims the functionality will solely be limited to subscribers only and it’s designed to assist creators in building up their communities.

For now, Super Follower has been launched for a handful of creators that actually give out subscriptions but we’ll be seeing a change soon as the app is working on expansion soon.

Twitter says the exciting Super Follows-only Spaces are designed keeping those creators in mind who wish to take communication and engagement to the next level by engaging with their followers through means other than tweets. And by that, they mean live audio.

A number of screengrabs were put on display that show how the new feature will also come with different schemes alongside a note that is seen at the top. This boldly mentions ‘Super Followers only’ during the broadcast.

But what happens if you’re not a paid subscriber? Well, you’ll still be able to see it whenever it’s shared. However, it does come with the limitation of users gaining access through a sign-in step where they will now be referred to as a Super Follower.

What benefits can content creators expect with the adding feature? Well, for starters, it’s a wonderful way to assist in expanding your subscriber base. Remember, you’re giving out an exclusive and designated area that others would only be able to get a preview of. Similarly, you’ll also now have the added luxury of seeing who actually tunes in and that in itself could be a strong incentive to get signed up in the first place.

When you actually compare this new launch with Twitter’s other projects like its strategies to gain better monetization options for content creators, it’s definitely on a much smaller scale.

After all, money and fame are what content creators are interested in, especially those who use the app to make a living.

For now, the social media network hasn’t gone into the specifics about the stats relating to the feature’s usage. However, in a recent report launched by the company about its earnings, they did claim how their subscriptions and revenue generation did manage to rank at $94 million, which is quite low when compared to previous quarters. In general, we’re talking along the lines of a 31% decrease.

But the fact that the functionality was actually launched last year in September means it’s not something that creators are very fond of adopting or using. However, the company can argue by mentioning that these low figures might be due to so many users not having an activate option.

Meanwhile, those that do have the option available by their side could be seeing themselves setting up subscriptions anywhere between $3 to $10 per month. And let’s not forget how Twitter will also be receiving a small share of the revenue generated.

One common problem that the new feature’s launch could face is users complaining that they’ve been able to gain access to tweets for free forever. Hence, why would they end up paying for more subscriptions now?

Yes, exclusive tweets are definitely an added benefit but is that a good enough reason to pay we’re seeing more cons than pros from a regular user’s perspective.

For added success, we believe content creators need to develop better strategies in terms of enticing incentives that make users really want to bag the offer at hand.

Hence for that, we’re just going to have to wait and watch for the exciting add-ons that actually motivate others to spend money.

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