Meta Publishes New Report That Highlights ‘Most Viewed Content’ On Facebook Feeds

If you’ve been wondering what the most highly viewed organic content has been during this year’s first quarter, well, all you need to do is take a look at Meta’s latest report.

The social media giant put up the results for Q1 of 2022 and it’s safe to say that some of the links included did manage to surprise so many of us.

The report was based on viewership seen in the US and the company claims the entire purpose of the report was related to fighting against the accusations that the app’s algorithms support extremist-based content.

In case you’re still wondering where such rumors arise from in the first place, well, it’s all thanks to one Twitter account that puts in great effort to highlight the app’s most viewed and shared content, every single day.

The last time we saw such a report come out was last year in August and ever since then, we still haven’t seen if Meta’s efforts of going the extra mile and making things transparent have really affected a great many reservations that so many have.

In reality, Facebook has actually ended up eliminating its most popular links, claiming they violate the app’s policies.

But getting back to this year’s report, we were curious to see how this year’s results fared. And to be honest, the results weren’t too fabulous. To be more specific, the links categorized as the most viewed were actually not aligned with the platform’s policies and hence those URLs ended up being removed. But that’s only after they managed to cross the 60 million viewership and generated a whole lot of traffic.

While the results weren’t perfect, Meta revealed how its team is working hard at improving its strategies to make sure the stats generated actually reflect the content being viewed by its users. And that means we will no longer be seeing previews getting counted.

But wait, the difference between the new and old methodologies isn’t a great deal. In fact, the new one includes 6 links violating the platform’s policies and getting removed only after they gained a viewership of 112 million. Only then did we see the moderators of the app get rid of them.

Based on these results, we can clearly see how Meta is actually making the most of content that could be classified as questionable in nature. At the end of the way, no one can really know what exactly that content is related to because the company fails to mention any details.

The tech giant did manage to provide its users with some explanation on the matter. They claim that links that violated their policies were removed with immediate effect and they were said to have arisen from one domain. Therefore, any other links coming from the same source are no longer allowed on the app.

Interestingly, a new investigation into the matter has even gone as far as identifying the domain as a spam account by the name of ‘Naye News’.

Again, we’re still trying to figure out what value this new Facebook report holds. Clearly, Facebook must have thought of the same and that’s why it had actually thought about eliminating the initial idea of giving out listings. After all, no one wants more criticisms on something they’ve been accused of in the past.

We don’t see how the new report and data present inside would provide us with any further insights or do the company good because, at the end of the day, you’re just telling the world that the links that gave your platform the most views are the same ones that violated your policy.

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