WhatsApp To Soon Launch ‘Companion Mode’ Where Users Can Link Secondary Mobile Devices To Their Accounts

After rolling out an exciting range of features for users in the recent past including the ability to add up to 512 members in one group and emoji reactions to messages, the company is working on yet another update.

As per WBI, this one is called the ‘Companion Mode’ that WhatsApp plans to introduce in the near future to gain upon the benefits of multi-devices.

WBI mentioned how the new functionality will soon be available for both iOS and Android users, also highlighting in detail what the new feature can do.

The Companion Mode will enable the linking of secondary mobile devices to a user’s WhatsApp account. And that means you can now use the exact same account of the app on numerous devices at the same time.

While this feature was already present whenever a desktop device was used, now, the company is expanding it further to mobile devices too. Therefore, users can now benefit from linking secondary phones for more updates in the near future.

All you need is a registered WhatsApp account and you’re good to go. And in case you’re worried about how safe the new update really is, well, the company has that aspect covered too.

Whenever a user chooses to link secondary devices to their accounts on WhatsApp, they will automatically experience a logout by default on the other mobile device. But that’s only if users happen to have separate WhatsApp accounts.

For now, the functionality is undergoing its experimentation phase so we don’t have too much information about it at the moment. But what we do know for sure is how Companion Modes will also allow users to link up devices like Android tablets. However, that doesn’t mean we won’t be seeing more benefits for iOS users because the company is going to release the update for both Android and iOS.

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