New Study Proves How Reluctant Twitter Users Are To Include Politics In Their Profile Bios

Just when you thought politics rules the world and is the center stage for apps like Twitter comes a new study with some interesting findings.

We agree how most breaking news in today’s time is all about politics and it usually ends up being the topic of much debate on social networking forums like Twitter, more than others. However, that does not mean people are willing to reveal it all in their bios.

The study by the Pew Research Center sheds light on a survey that comprised 1,021 people. And that’s where respondents had some interesting views, while other shocking findings were made about how they preferred to reveal their identity on social platforms.

Around 6% of those surveyed had included strong political viewpoints, including political language that most of us would consider as explicit. Only a few people were willing to show strong support for any political-themed movement, party, or organization.

At the start of the study, we see how political content made up a smaller share than what many were expecting. After all, you must take into consideration the number of American adult Twitter users who make up the majority of those that adore tweeting on such topics. But even they were reluctant to mention these details in their profiles.

The study highlights how most people were keener on adding information or details such as hobbies or perhaps what they do for a living.

Pew’s report also delineates how there was a better chance of Democrats or those leading toward the Democrat side to include political details in bios than their fellow Republican friends. The difference was a mere 5% between both sides who arise from opposite sides of the spectrum.

Users who were in the 50 and above age bracket were more likely to have politics mentioned in their profiles, where figures stood at 12% as compared to the 49 and below group, where only 4% spoke about their political interests.

If we put the topic of politics to one side, the study observed how 73% of the people surveyed had some form of text that they could relate to in their bios. However, surprisingly, 27% of the rest didn’t mention any text, other than the few basic requirements like your username and then an added display picture.

The report says profile pictures were so many people’s true calling, where about 86% of those who responded had an image that was not the usual default avatar from the platform but we can’t forget the majority who put forward banner images too.

More than half of those surveyed made the effort to customize their bio details while the rest just preferred to change their location or perhaps include website URLs.

Only 23% included a proper job description while less than 10% had put the exact employer’s name or the name pertaining to their firm. Even less than that were those that included hobbies, family details, or their interests. And if the report had to sum it up, we’d see that 17% of American respondents actually filled out all of the profile elements.

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