WhatsApp’s Latest Update Includes Giant Member Groups, Larger File Sizes, Emoji Reactions, And More!

The latest WhatsApp version is bringing forth a number of exciting updates and it’s safe to say that there is a range of innovative changes planned for users.

For starters, the app says it’s giving users the freedom to add up to 512 members to any of their groups, ridding away any restrictions or complaints that users may have had in the past. This new functionality will be for both iOS and Android, along with Desktop users too.

The new update will soon be available for everyone in the next few weeks but as of now, only a small number of users can benefit from it. Moreover, the company says they’re still in the activation phase but users may expect to see it knocking on their doors soon.

On the other hand, another fascinating news is related to WhatsApp users benefiting from message reactions, better known as Emoji Reactions. This means you can now reply to any text with the simple click of an emoji.

Last month the platform said the emoji message reaction functionality would be available for all soon and now it’s finally here! During the start, only a few emojis would be present but as time progresses, we’ll be seeing more and more diversity across the board including changes in skin tone.

In case you weren’t already aware, emoji reactions are deemed to be very popular and it’s no wonder why apps like Telegram included them a long time back. And with that comes the excitement of sending files as large as 2GB. Both these features will be up for grabs in the latest WhatsApp update.

Lastly, WhatsApp is also including an exciting functionality that links its devices with Ray-Ban stories, as spotted by WBI. For now, it’s still under development and that means any future update could see it popping up.

The company revealed its efforts of enhancing the compatibility with RayBan stories and that means through a small number of references, you can now easily link with the Smart Glasses. And once that’s done, you can see the glasses appear in the list of devices on your account.

That was almost a no-brainer as all the devices for accounts are placed under one heading but now that WhatsApp has officially partnered with the firm, all the texts will be secured through end-to-end encryption.

While the collab sounds interesting, the company is yet to share more details as it’s still undergoing testing. Hence, we’ll just need to wait and watch for it to unfold in future update releases.

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