WhatsApp Is Reportedly Allowing You To Save Disappearing Messages

WhatsApp is known for its cross-platform instant messaging service across a range of devices. The platform, since its inception, has been a global favorite and now hosts almost 2 billion active monthly users across the world. It comes as a no shock that the platform introduces updates and features to accommodate its massive user base. Reports from WABetaInfo suggest that the texting platform is experimenting with a new feature that may be rolled out to its users soon!

How many times have you used the disappearing messages feature on WhatsApp? Since the feature’s introduction in 2020, millions of users on the platform have utilized it. If you are unaware, the disappearing messages feature allows you to enable an option that will automatically clear your chat after a set timeframe. Initially, it was restricted to seven days; however, later, more time frames and customization options were added to the feature. According to the new update, it looks like the platform is allowing you to save particular sections of the chat after enabling the disappearing messages feature. The latest update does not require you to go through a series of complex steps to save a message. Suppose the disappearing message feature is turned on for a particular chat. Midway through conversing, you receive an essential piece of information that you may or may not need later. In that case, you can save that particular text, and the rest will be deleted as per usual. The feature can be used for all sorts of cases and is not limited to important information. It can be a joke, a sentimental text or simply a message that you wish to save.

While this feature may be new to many people, some may have spotted it in the previous update offered by the platform. You may have come across the feature on and off. However, in the latest developments, it seems that there is a tab dedicated entirely to saved messages. Accessing the saved messages is not hard either. A user will need to access the contact information, and they will come across a new section that goes by the name of Kept Messages. Once the user clicks on it, they will be able to access all the messages they saved throughout the entirety of the chat. The feature is different from starred messages as it is specific to contact and does not store all messages in one place. The information regarding the feature comes from the latest changes in the WhatsApp web; however, it is reported that these may soon be introduced in the beta version of Android and iOS.

Since there has been no official update from the platform and no timeline regarding the feature’s rollout either, it is unclear if it will actually become a part of WhatsApp. For now, you can make use of the disappearing messages feature!

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