WhatsApp Improves On Their Disappearing Messages Feature In A New Update

WhatsApp never shies away from a challenge. The massive messaging platform is always dedicated to protecting your privacy, and they manage to do it free of cost! The messages are end to end encrypted. That means (in most cases) even the company itself will not be able to access your chats, let alone a third party. It is not easy to topple the encryption feature, but the platform may have just upped its privacy game!

Reportedly, the platform is now working on introducing a new feature. It includes the ability to turn on disappearing messages for numerous chats in a single go! If you have been living under a rock, the vanishing messages feature was released to millions of users across the globe last year. Since then, it has become the favorite go to option if one does not want any sensitive information lingering. Initially, the app came built in with the option of messages vanishing after a period of seven days in case the user had the feature enabled. The company introduced different timers later on for the same feature to allow more customization. These include ninety days and twenty four hours.

So far, the feature has been restricted to new individual chats. However, the latest update focuses on removing the restriction and enabling users to enable that option for already existing chats. These reports come from a screenshot shared by the platform WABetaInfo. Once a user has selected numerous chats from the list, they can easily access the feature for messages through a shortcut. Keep in mind that it is new and may not necessarily be present.

How does the new update affect an average WhatsApp user? Prior to this update, users were forced to select the feature one by one within each chat. So far, very little is known of the update, and the company is quite popular when it comes to keeping its updates a secret. Reportedly, the feature is coming with a companion mode. There is little to go on the companion mode either, but here is what’s come to light so far! The companion mode is a feature that will enable users to link their everyday smartphone hosting WhatsApp with another one. This is especially useful for users who own two or more smart devices and use them all daily. According to some reports, if you are logged on one device. The companion mode will automatically sign you off the rest as a security measure. The new feature can also come in handy if you are looking forward to migrating data from one smartphone or operating system to another!

The companion mode is a long way to go, and there are chances that it may never see the light of the day. However, the disappearing feature is a must add and will bring up the WhatsApp platform up to

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