Abandoning social networking for seven days reduce mental health issues and minimize workload stress and chronic anxiety, a study reveals

We are using social networking sites to have entertainment, connect with closed ones, learn, and spread awareness to one another. It will not be considered wrong to say that this is the time of progress in technology and social media. With the immense positive effects and growing awareness of social media platforms, there are some drawbacks too. The results are so devastating that no one can even imagine.

The University of Bath speculated that leaving social networking sites for at least seven days can help in improving mental illness and reduce unhappiness and many anxiety disorders. The study was conducted on individuals whose age lies between 18 years to 72 years. The subjects were instructed to leave social media websites and indulge in other activities. The results from the study were really appreciable as they coincide with the studies conducted by the United States and UK scientists. According to the research circulated in Behavior and Social Networking journal and Cyberpsychology journal, taking a rest from online networking applications is beneficial for the ideal health of an individual. The Warwick-Edinburgh Mental Well-being Scale, the valid criteria for mental well-being evaluation, reveals that the participants’ mental health rise from almost 46 to 55.93. In addition, participants’ depression levels on the scale also dropped from 7.46 to 4.84, and anxiety levels dropped from 6.92 to 5.94. Most participants reported cutting off all social media news and updates, making them feel energetic and filling them with positive vibes. To minimize anxiety and negativity in your life, a mini-break from social networking apps can induce a worthy change in your lifestyle.

I suggest you take a reflective glance at how social media leads you to an addiction level and affects your mood. You will yourself realize that it is causing you social anxiety and stress. Apart from stress, social media usage for over three hours a day might cause you a high risk of panic disorder, Obsessive-compulsive disorders, and severe mental health problems worldwide. It can be said that, social platforms are same as a double-edged sword. On one side, it keeps you updated about the current happenings, and on the other, leaving you restless.

The main motive of the research was to look at the effects on the population, including teenagers and old-aged citizens, taking a short break from Discord, Facebook, and Snackvideo. Social media users usually scroll the content the whole day, wasting their precious time. Participants of the research study said they got nine hours of free time a week, which they usually spent scrolling Instagram and TikTok. To keep yourself productive and utilize your inner spark in the best possible way, it is suggested to take at least one week off from social media to enjoy healthy living.

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