Apple Is Out To Change Lives With Its New iPhone And Mac Hardware Innovations

Apple is definitely on a roll in terms of changing its users’ lives forever. And this can clearly be appreciated for the recent launch of new innovations related to both the iPhone and Mac hardware.

The tech giant seems to be on a mission to make it big when it comes to the trending accessibility genre. Therefore, we can expect to see some of them arrive as early as 2022, thanks to all the software updates in store.

As far as the features for software is concerned, you can expect to see the company making the most of machine learning. But Apple really wants to go big this time and that’s why users can expect door detection strategies to be implemented for the blind or those having poor vision.

Other than that, the company is working on live caption features that are for the deaf or users suffering from hearing loss. And just in case that wasn’t enough, the company is also experimenting with strategies that could assist in combatting physical disabilities or those with mobility issues by the use of Apple Watch mirror technology. This means users would be able to even control their smartwatches with the help of their iPhones.

We thought it would be interesting to take a closer glance at each of these features separately.

Apple’s Door Detection for the blind

As you can probably guess by the name itself, Apple wants both iPhone and iPad users to have the flexibility to sense when or where a door is present whenever they’re located at a new site.

This particular functionality comes with the help of LIDAR and that means it needs devices fitted with LIDAR scanners that are in-built into its Magnifier application.

Now, users would be able to determine whether there are doors in close-by proximities or whether or not they are open or shut. In the same way, users can also gauge the distance they are from the door and whether or not they can open them. Another cool feature is how users would be notified about any signs that may be printed across the door such as a specific number.

The company says its Magnifier is going to undergo revamping and that means it will have an innovative detection mode that plays host to this feature and even allow for the detection of other humans in the surrounding.

Live captions for the deaf

Users devoid of hearing will soon be able to gain complete access to Live Captions via their smartphone devices. This includes iPhones, Mac Computes, and even their iPads too. Therefore, they would be given the flexibility of activating captions whose fonts could also be customized to best suit their preference. Hence, imagine captions being generated for everything from watching content or even livestreaming, and if it's on your device, you can benefit from it.

When it comes down to Facetiming your favorite person, you’ll find captions being produced automatically while on Mac computers, users would have the ability to type responses and then click for the responses to be said out loud.

For this feature, you’ll need device support that sticks specifically to Mac computers or at least an iPhone 11 or even better.

Soon, Apple also plans on taking on the plan to a Beta extension as it continues with the testing phase now. It’s also looking at the way captions could vary such as differences in American and Canadian English.

Apple Watch Mirroring for the disabled

Last but certainly not least, we’ve got Apple’s watch mirroring technology. Here is where users can simply control their watch through their iPhone device. And that means taking full advantage of the wide range of options seen in the phone’s diverse menu like voice control amongst others.

You can now generate voice commands, enable tracking, and more. In addition to that, another innovative feature that’s gaining great popularity is related to enabling users to produce a range of simple gestures of the hand like picking up incoming calls or even closing their phones through gestures like a small double pinch.

For this functionality to work, users would need at least the Apple Watch edition from series 6, and considering the great benefits at hand, we don’t think anyone would be complaining.

But the magic by Apple does not stop there. We could soon be seeing the company roll out a range of other accessibilities soon like support for VoiceOver languages and screen reading functionalities including the addition of various voices too.

In the same way, users could soon be seeing a new Siri Pause Time functionality. This enables to benefit those suffering from speech impairments. Therefore, users can personality extend the time required for Siri to respond to any request.

Remember, we’re going to see all these great features be released through software updates by the end of this year. Hence do keep an eye out as we’ll be doing the same.

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