Meta is encouraging the news curators to switch to short form videos to spread their news. An idea absurd or will it work?

Social media is now the main domain which is used to spread information around very quickly. Meta formerly known as Facebook has been aware of the dynamics the social media power holds and hence has used its platform wisely when it comes to news and reporting.

Last year Meta encouraged many news curators to use their platform to write their reports and update the world about the changes taking place. This wasn’t limited to famous news services only, but in fact independent news reporters or publishers of any kind were encouraged to use the platform. This isn’t all, they were paid by the company too.

Moreover, the company took many other initiatives in the news section and created a separate page dedicated solely to news too. While the company in the past year has shown much dedication towards written and uploaded news content, it also believes in evolution.

We all know how popular short form videos have gotten on the internet. The trend which started from TikTok has rooted itself in many other domains too. Meta realizes that short form videos have shown many great results on its own platform too and hence the company has a new plan.

The tech giant is now encouraging news services to use short form videos to spread news and updated through their apps. While this may sound absurd to some, let’s look at it this way.
We all use social media and watching videos online have become part of our routine. However, what we don’t do is read big paragraphs of update which make it through our news feed. Hence, if news services and reporters started spreading news content in form of short videos, not only will it reach many people, but a majority will be updated with the on goings in the world too.

The idea isn’t bad, however let’s see how quickly or even if it does get adapted by those in the news world and it becomes a trend.

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