Samsung S22 Phones Lose About 50 Percent Of Their Value Within Two Months Of Launch

With new phones continuously being launched in the market, the market saturation has not only increased but many devices are striving to be on top too. However, there is no surprise that iPhone has maintained its position on the top pedestal not only in terms of working and functionality but in terms of its price after the launch too.

Apple is an instant selling phone and while its price is a tad bit higher than many of its competitors, this doesn’t stop its users. The best part about the company is not just how effortless and user friendly its devices are but the price it maintains long after its launch.

Apple over the years have maintained a significantly great value in the long term and its recent iPhone 13 launch is a fool proof of it. A new study shows Apple’s iPhone 13 Pro Max (128GB version) only lost about 52 dollars for mobiles used within two months of the launch which is quite impressive. This drop isn’t massive considering its original price and may would claim that it’s pretty much similar to the original price only.

However, while Apple is going strong in this fort, looks like Samsung is in hot waters within the same region. Samsung devices, specifically the Samsung S22 + 5G saw a massive downfall in its long term value when the stats were taken out. The 128 GB device saw a decline of about 53 to 57 percent in its price (depending on phone condition) just after two months of its launch.

In terms of percent, the fairly good conditioned phones lost a value of 51 percent, phones which looked almost new lost 46 percent value and the Pixel Range 6 lost a value of 43.5 and 41.5 percent too.

For a tech firm which has been doing great for so long, this indeed is a shock. While Samsung is known to come back stronger from its backlashes, let us see what the company does this time. Will the S22 be discontinued, or the company has another strategy in mind.
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