Trouble For DuckDuckGo As Security Analysts Discover A Hidden Tracking Agreement With Microsoft

There appears to be some trouble brewing for DuckDuckGo as the privacy-focused search engine is facing some major backlash thanks to security analysts.

Recent research has gone as far as proving how there is a tracking agreement that might be under the rug with Microsoft. In other words, only trackers by Microsoft work while others don’t. And now these researchers are doing everything in their power to expose the company like never before seen.

Many fear the incident has the capability of sparking a backlash from users as the new agreement promises not to track other users’ search history and behavior while also preventing the build-up of the user profiles that could go on to be used for personalized advertising.

DuckDuckGo also offers its users mobile browsers through a similar name. But that again is being questioned because while it may promise to disguise third-party tracking companies, there are some who may be continuing as we speak with no ban on their operations.

As one can probably imagine, the news drew in crowds from all directions and there were plenty of unhappy faces. And that’s when the company’s CEO stepped in to clarify the matter and mention how authentic the findings were.

Now, what we do know for sure is how DuckDuckGo has some sort of search agreement with the leading software firm Redmond. The CEO added how the restrictions you’ll find will solely be limited to the browser and not the actual search engine.

But no matter what the CEO keeps on adding, we’re finding it hard to understand why a leading name in the tech industry that is known for highlighting its transparency opted to keep the agreement hidden for so long.

CEO Weinberg reportedly sent out a statement to media outlet where he spoke highly of the tech giant and how it only believes in providing the best protection that others never even give a second thought to.

Moreover, he also spoke in detail about how DuckDuckGo has never made any promises relating to complete anonymity for users while they browse, adding how it’s just not possible to achieve that.

Remember, trackers are at the top of their game when it comes down to using the best tools and systems to evade any security protocols in place.

In addition to that, DuckDuckGo’s CEO mentioned how other firms that promise such protections are simply relying on protection provided by third-party cookies or technology based on fingerprints.

Hence, he reassured users to continue browsing without fear of privacy breaches.

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