More Than 3.6 Billion People Use Social Media Each Month Around The World

Insider Intelligence has recently revealed its findings in regards to a study that calculated the number of people who use social media each month around the globe.

On average, we’re talking 3.6 billion social media users and these figures are just for one month. But wait, before you get too excited, the results are actually a massive decline from what we saw since their massive peak during the pandemic.

Interestingly, the report highlights how every eight in ten internet users came under the actual category of being an avid social network user and that just goes to show the immense popularity that this fascinating trend has provided for so many of us.

But what has led to the dramatic decline that we once observed just when the pandemic struck us all. Why are fewer users choosing to log in now? Moreover, why do we see so many people abandoning social media too?

To put it simply, the research proves how the stats we see now are equivalent to being the slowest growth period since probably the year 2009. But to take things a little positively, at least we can try to look on the bright side and how this year could be the year of change.

Predictions are lined up for a 2.9% growth by the end of 2022 and that goes in line with the 3.6 billion social media statistics for social networkers worldwide. And contrary to what other people have to say, using social media is still trending and it’s still one of the most popular activities around the globe in terms of digital activities.

When it came down to which social media network led the pack and which ones were trailing behind, well, it’s interesting to note how Facebook was in the lead by miles. But this particular study now says TikTok has revolutionized into the world’s third-biggest platform.

Also, don’t be worried about the second position because Instagram is reigning supreme and we’re not seeing it being de-throned by TikTok anytime soon.

But again, you can’t underestimate the great potential that TikTok has in terms of its great dynamics and popularity with users. If predictions go as planned, we’re going to see the renowned video-based app surpass the 755 million user target for one month. And that’s way more than both Twitter as well as Snapchat.

Remember, this data is in accordance with both surveys and traffic statistics that are analyzed by research companies. This includes trends aligned with mobile usage, company releases, and adoption trends taken from the web.

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