Transactional emails titled 'no reply' irritates a large percentage of consumers, says research

In today's day and age, you probably have received hundreds of emails from various brands with the word 'no reply' (don’t reply) in their email. Being used by countless small and large businesses across the globe, the no reply email address is basically one that companies, businesses and large organizations use to send receipts, offers, and transactions etc. As the name suggests, the goal behind using the ‘no reply’ address in these emails is to stop customers from flooding their inboxes with unnecessary questions.

For several decades this practice of using no reply email addresses has been going quite well and is successfully blocking off unnecessary emails from customers, however are customers really happy with these emails? Well, to find this out ActiveCampaign and Dynata conducted a survey amongst 1,000 people from the United States.

Dynata reports about the survey revealed that the no reply email, though widely used, is never liked by the consumer, it makes them frustrated and sometimes even quit purchasing from that particular business.

A vast amount of data was revealed which gives us a lot of understanding about the wants, reactions and behavior of different consumers.

According to the data, around 27 percent of emails that consumer receive say that there is no proper system for replying to the email everyday, whereas around 39 percent of those emails say that they reply to emails several times a week, whereas consumers believe that email replies and conversation between the user and brand should increase and around 65 percent of them want to converse with brands when they have questions.

When inquired around 49 percent of the users said that they have emailed brands only to receive a bounce back of a no reply email.

Following this report brands should understand that they must stop this ongoing tradition of no reply emails since it is losing them a whole lot of customers. According to data by Dynata, around 29 percent of consumers agreed that they quit shopping from a brand once the no reply emails become too annoying, now that's a significant customer base that no brand wants to lose.

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