Switching tabs on Chrome and Edge is now easier than ever

What's one feature that simple, easy to learn and has saved us a whole lot of time over the years? Well, the answer is keyboard shortcuts. While they are not talked about much, companies in the technology sector know their significance which is why they continue to develop newer and easier keyboard shortcuts.

Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge are also one of them, both browsers recently released updates which now allows users to save time and switch tabs just by using simple and easy keyboard shortcuts.

Google already had Chrome keyboard shortcuts for switching tabs on Linux, however these shortcuts are new for people using Chrome on Windows and MAC. These new keyboard shortcuts might come as a bit confusing but are pretty simple once you get a hold of them.

To switch to the first chrome tab users, have to press a simple Ctrl+1, to move to the left tab users have to press Ctrl+Shift+Tab, whereas to cycle through different Chrome tabs user have to Ctrl+Tab or Ctrl+ Pg Up/Pg Dn shortcuts accordingly (H/T: u/Leopeva64-2).

Apart from Chrome, the Microsoft Edge 103 has also come up with similar features and made switching tabs way easier. While the shortcuts are working great on both the platforms, however if they are ever removed you can simply download the above mentioned extension and keep switching tabs easily.

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