Only 4 out of 50 States in the USA have Established Laws About Consumer Data Protection

Many countries, including many third world countries, have established many data laws for data protection that ensure their clients' privacy. But a recent study shows that Consumer Data Protection is only established in 4 USA states out of 50. This little calculation is saddening for a fully developed country. Not even half of the states ensure their users' privacy by protecting their data.

The only states with Data user laws are California, Utah, Colorado and Virginia. USA lawmakers are working on making Consumer Data Protection available to all states soon. But this process is time taking, so it can take a few months until it's all sorted out. It's important to mention that even though 4 states have active data protection laws, California is the only state that has good Consumer Data Privacy. The other states are still working to protect consumers' data but we have a long way to cover till that.

Connecticut will be the next US state that will have Data Privacy Protection Law. The bill has already been passed to the state governor and is just in need of some signatures. The states that will follow after this are New York, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Alaska, Massachusetts, Michigan, Louisiana, New Jersey, Ohio, Rhode Island, and Vermont. This Act is already presented in the chambers of Origin, being in the works of passing. The United States has still done nothing for the remaining states and no one knows if the law is going to be there at all.

General Data Protection Regulation was introduced by the United Nations and it was quite useful for the Data Protection of the consumers all around the world. The companies that are based in the USA work under this law and it gives them the benefit to protect the consumers' privacy. Unfortunately, this law isn't fully available for US citizens. This makes all their privacy protection at stake.

Even some of the under-developed countries like Iran and Ethiopia have Consumer Data Protection laws, so why is the USA falling behind? The main reason for all this is that there is no agency available in the USA that can ensure privacy laws over the country. A party in the US, Congress, is taking measures to establish legislation that will help in ensuring privacy protection. People are hopeful that this can help in making their data protected and will promise them a good Privacy Protection Law.

H/T: International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP)
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