TikTok Wants Users To Give Creators Credit For Posts They’ve Taken Inspiration From

The controversy surrounding video creators not being given credit for so many things has arisen in the past and as we can see today, it remains to be a problem.

Therefore, the world’s most popular app is now moving ahead with a strategy through it feels can benefit both parties without leaving out anyone.

TikTok is rolling out new functionality that enables its users to provide credit to creators from whom they’ve taken inspiration.

For instance, if you put up a great video and gain immense fame, the chances are unlikely that you’ve come up with the idea yourself. Most of us take inspiration from all sorts of sources and there’s truly nothing wrong with that.

But it’s always a great practice to provide credit because that’s just ethical and fair. And that’s why Twitter is encouraging more and more users to come forward and engage in the practice through its new feature.

With this method, users will find it so much easier to provide credit to the relevant source that gave them the initial idea and this comes in the form of a button.

Users can expect the new addition to be rolled out in the next couple of weeks and that means you can tag, credit, and go as far as mentioning the video in your description too.

Yes, we’ve seen users being able to tag one another for a while now but this new drive by Twitter will further make sure proper credit is provided where it's due. After all, copying someone’s dance moves, adding their audio, or even taking their conceptual idea is not fair if you’re not going to provide attribution in relevant places.

So, how exactly does it work is a question on so many people’s minds. Well, it’s actually quite straightforward. After completing your TikTok content, you can find the ‘Video’ icon pop up near the page for posting. Simply click on that, and select any video that you’ve been interested in or one that is very similar to what you’ve created.

After you make your selection, the app will state it as a mention in your video’s caption. Soon, the app will even provide users with a detailed explanation about how its credit functionality works, post initial video icon tapping. And before you know it, users will be the ones getting a notification of any content that’s tagged through this method.

TikTok has released a statement in regards to this ordeal. They refer to it as an innovative tool that enables providing credit where necessary to enhance their creator community as well as those that originate content, to begin with.

The statement was released by the company’s community director who shared how crucial the step was in their commitments to better resources and giving users a great experience. These will be the ones supporting the credit culture which the app feels is pivotal for platforms like theirs whose focus is on expressing creativity.

It wouldn’t be wrong to deem the credit factor as a major issue that has long been associated with the platform and other similar apps.

Last year in the month of June, we witnessed a number of Black creators come forward and raise their voices on the matter by going on a strike. This came in the form of putting a halt to sharing all sorts of dance challenges while calling out the app for failing to make people give them credit while in reality, they just wanted to get more recognition.

Some leading content creators even went as far as mentioning how the app would not be anything today if it weren’t for the efforts of the Black community. Now that might be a little far-fetched in terms of over-exaggeration if you ask us.

Nevertheless, we’re seeing the rollout come at a time when YouTube Shorts released its remixed functionality. Through this feature, video creators will automatically be credited for their efforts.

Twitter’s rollout on the other hand requires manual intervention so users can attribute those that they’ve taken their inspiration.

We hope this new idea by TikTok actually works in the favor of creators who work relentlessly to gain fame and engagement and hence deserve acknowledgment for their efforts. Similarly, we hope another rollout could follow that gives trend creators due credit as well.

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