TikTok Takes Game Streaming To The Next Level By Launching Its Own Mini-Games

When it comes down to modern online culture, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that gaming plays an integral role. And that’s probably why leading apps like TikTok are more than interested to explore the realm.

TikTok is already a popular app in terms of today’s young generation and that’s why it’s now thinking about expanding into gaming wherever it can.

In case you didn’t already know, the app has been offering users game streaming for a while now but that was all done on a small-scale level.

Now, TikTok is gearing up to expand the same notion by turning things up a notch through the launch of the platform’s own mini-games that would be available in-app. And the reason is obvious, they’re more than keen on further boosting their engagement with fans.

A new report by Reuters has gone on to mention how the platform has been busy with tests in Vietnam where users will be allowed to play games through TikTok. These are a part of the company’s plans to venture further into the diverse gaming world that it feels has plenty of potentials.

But it would be wrong to assume anything too complex yet because the app is planning on starting off with something relatively less complicated like HTML5-based applications. These are going to be created through third parties such as Zynga Inc.

Hence, users can expect to see a revival of all those popular games that we all once loved and saw on apps like Facebook a few years back.

Today, you can even find such games in a number of different apps like Snapchat or Facebook Messenger too.

Now TikTok isn’t completely new in the gaming business because it’s got plenty of experience thanks to its own parent company that has experimented with games a lot in the past.

In case you wish to see TikTok’s future, you don’t need to look too far because a China-based version of the app called Douyin has been in the business for quite some time now and has nearly 670 million users from China.

Keeping these facts in mind, we’re seeing some very similar features overlap between both sides and they’ve been in operation for quite some time now including games that have been a popular feature since the year 2019.

ByteDance which is the parent company of TikTok has been on the urge of expanding its revenue-generating options and that’s why they’re super excited to take gaming on board for TikTok. Remember, experimentation and calculated always risks do tend to pay off.

It plans on doing just that through sponsored games and in-game advertisements amongst other leading options.

At the moment, we’re seeing the launch of TikTok’s gaming endeavor only to users in Vietnam and for now, there’s no use on whether or not there would be an extension in terms of a global launch for the app’s gaming services.

But from the looks of it, we just might be seeing another update soon that speaks of just this with some experts making predictions of it being rolled out before the year’s end.

Remember, there’s an added benefit of launching the functionality before the holiday season which can really maximize user engagement at that particular time.

The end result is a new avenue of opportunities with both users and brands serving as stakeholders. At the same time, we’re going to see a boost in TikTok use which adds more growth to the markets of today.

Now it’s going to be extremely interesting to witness how the app launches the integration and how social media elements are added to boost engagement further.

All in all, we’re seeing a win-win situation for the platform which could soon be called the next happening trend.

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