TikTok Rewards Creators With More Revenue Opportunities Through The Launch Of Its ‘Pulse’ Program

A major distinguishing factor between TikTok and other rivals had to with the lack of revenue-generating opportunities for creators on the viral platform.

We saw YouTube and Meta take advantage of TikTok’s shortcomings by introducing a number of different means through which creators could make money. And that is what brings forward today’s new announcement by TikTok itself.

The viral video-based app is launching its Pulse Program and that means opening up a new world of monetization, thanks to the initiative.

TikTok says advertisers would now be able to put their ads forward in content that’s getting the most engagement. This is going to be a revolutionary pathway that will allow creators to get income without having to pass through the hurdles of generating deals with brands themselves.

TikTok announced the breakthrough launch by stating how keen it was to be at the forefront of today’s rising cultural trends. With the new Pulse program in place, it hopes to get brands aligned with the most engaging content that would boost conversations.

To be more specific, brands can now choose which viral clips they want to be featured with, on any particular day. These will be totally decided on views and the amount of engagement witnessed through stats. And now since ads will also be tagged in the viral TikTok clips, they can also see the number of maximum views too.

Those advertisers who are keenly interested in the venture can select from a total of 12 different topics for ad placements. For instance, there’s gaming, lifestyle, health, beauty, and so much more.

And in case you might be worried about security, well, TikTok will make sure the ads are aligned with content that’s tagged as verified for ultimate brand safety confirmations. Similarly, the app hopes to add more transparent measures along the way by introducing a number of modern tools too.

This is going to be the platform’s first-ever advertising program that will drive revenue for its content creators, publishers, and relevant public personalities. But it must be noted that only those creators who have a minimum of 100k subscribers can avail this golden opportunity during the program’s start.

TikTok affirmed how it is very interested in finding new and innovative monetization solutions that make its creator community feel more valued through rewards.

Basically, it’s quite similar to YouTube’s partner initiative where content creators get money by simply posting on the app but it’s going to do wonders in terms of growth.

At the moment, the main source of revenue for creators on TikTok is the app’s Creator’s Fund, and to be honest, it’s not doing much at all. Moreover, it has even been called out for being too variable as payments begin declining, despite the improvement noticed in the app’s overall performance.

Remember, small creators are happy with even a small share but those that solely base their revenue upon the app as a mainstream earning platform need better and more reliable opportunities.

Hence, it’s high time TikTok thought of making a difference in the lives of those that put in their heart and soul to generate engaging content.

Experts claim there is no comparison between YouTube and TikTok in this regard. The former’s share tools for revenue are in a different league altogether with YouTube sending out billions to content makers each year.

Last year, we saw YouTube generate a massive $28.8 billion in terms of ads and a huge chunk of that went on to the app’s creators.

Hence, this is why the new program is being termed a huge deal for TikTok. And while it may only be in the starting stages, with no specifics being provided yet, it’s definitely being looked upon as a major evolution.

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