Data Reveals TikTok Dominates Facebook In Screen Time

The pandemic was not good for us, but it was beneficial for social media apps. People confined to their homes had no choice other than to scroll mindlessly through social media apps. While these provided great relief of getting to connect with your friends and colleagues virtually, they also resulted in your daily screen time reaching new heights!

How many times have you come across friends who have no social media presence? The answer is probably none. Facebook, since its inception, has been actively introducing features and updates to make it more addictive. The social media platform is free for anyone to sign up across the globe. All it requires is an internet connection! Facebook happily took the credit for hogging up your daily time and had no trouble dominating screen time across all social media apps until now. Their competitor TikTok is outshining Facebook’s highest screen time achievement!

TheNetworkEC shared their fascinating findings of TikTok’s screen time against its competitors. According to their graph, users are spending a shocking 25.7 hours monthly on Tiktok. In contrast, Facebook users only spend an average of 16 hours monthly on the social platform. That is a difference of 9.7 hours! Instagram and WhatsApp follow, locking in at 7.9 and 7.8 average monthly hours, respectively. The user also brings in all streaming services in competition and states that all platforms will have to provide cheap, expanding and free content to their consumers.

These claims are not just made by a single analyst, but a report published by App Annie produces the same views on screen time. The researchers did a study on an array of mobile devices and users present on a range of platforms. The conclusion was that TikTok is officially leaving Facebook behind in the most screen time on the app. The average user on TikTok, according to the report, is spending about 21 hours on the app monthly! This figure is a remarkable increase from the 19 hours of monthly average screen time spent by the user on the app. That is almost a rise of 325%.

Facebook is not shying away from the new competition either. Their screen time is increasing slowly, but it is too little when compared with TikTok’s average screen time. WhatsApp and Instagram also reported an increase in their average screen time; however, it is nearly not enough when it comes to the two top competitors, TikTok and Facebook.

TikTok’s rapid growth is not sudden, and the platform is also the second rank for the most profitable non-gaming app. The short video platform was forecasted to bag about 1.2 billion users by the end of 2021. However, the platform has had its share of problems. It is under a number of lawsuits for allowing users to earn through copyright music.

The world’s shift from physical to digital is an opportunity for many social media platforms to use. It seems that TikTok took full advantage of it and is now dominating all its competitors. They recently allowed users to upload videos as long as ten minutes on the platform, and their new features are only bringing in new audiences!

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