Google Begins Testing New Play Store Tweak That Lets Users See More App Information Without Opening Full Listing

Convenience is the name of the game in the modern world of technology and that’s probably one of the many reasons why Google is ahead of many others.

At the moment, the tech giant is busy testing out a new feature for Android users in the Play Store. And this entails enabling users to see more app information without going through the hassle of opening the entire listing.

The feature was announced alongside a number of others intended for developers at this year’s I/O 2022. And while we’re all witness to how Google Play is at the top of its game in terms of adding carousels featuring details like name, ratings, and symbols for a total of three different applications. And now, it seems you will no longer have to scroll for several others too with this new update in place.

As far as the design in testing is concerned, we’re looking at a transfer towards lists. But that does not mean you won’t be swiping left in cases where you’d like to view some more. Remember, the symbolic icon is reducing in size and Google will enlist the details provided by the developer in the form of promo text.

Therefore, once you use the arrow to tap, you’ll witness a full-grid outlook open up. Another interesting point worth mentioning is how the new visual revamping will be employed based upon a user’s recent activity, including the content that the store feels best for you as recommendations.

At the moment, you won’t be finding it inside the tab for games and books. However, you just might be seeing it appear for the Movies and Tv tab soon, most likely from next month.

The change is not being identified as one that’s rolled out on a wide scale, as confirmed by tech experts, who were only able to find it on a single Google account.

If you want our perspective, well, the app list seems to be less focused on providing a visual approach. However, we do see it making a great addition to Google Play’s search experience for users who no longer have to waste time browsing for details about apps they’re exploring.

It must be noted that the old browsing style will continue to be in use as the company has no intentions of making a majorly overwhelming transformation in such a short span of time. Did we mention how overwhelming that would turn out to be?

H/T: 9to5Google.

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