A new 'Liked by Author' label on Twitter is under development. Here's what you need to know

Micro-blogging site Twitter is working on a new label in tweets that will appear under a user's comment, showing the 'Liked by Author' sticker.

According to TechCrunch, Twitter developer teams seem more efficient in releasing some proper labels in the coming days. As for now, Twitter is testing a Liked by Author label, which means that when the creators of the tweet like someone's reply, a badge will appear at the bottom of the reply, which is noticeable for the commentator and the general public. It is worth noting that a similar kind of update recently rolled out on the video-sharing app TikTok. On TikTok, the feature is named "Liked by Creator," and it is much more prominent.

On TikTok, if a user posts a video and likes any of the comments that other users have commented on the short clip, the other users will receive a "Liked by Creator" badge next to their comment. Also, people other than the commenter will be able to see that the creator has liked their comment. This same feature is also available in YouTube's comment section, where if the channel or content creator wants someone's tweet, people can see that the channel has appreciated their comment.

Rumors suggest that Twitter is also working on this feature, and it is under testing. It is speculated how people would respond to this new feature being added and suggest that there will be mixed opinions. On the one hand, Twitter already has a number of features that crowd the tweets and replies, reducing the space for actually writing the tweet. In contrast, some users might like the feature because they know that the creator of the tweet appreciates their comment

However, this feature is still in the development phase, and it is not confirmed when Twitter plans to release it. We also don't know if it contains any other hidden features yet, but there is a high chance that we might get to see some Easter eggs like other platforms such as Discord.

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