Microsoft Edge will now allow users to frequently switch profiles in the browser

Manual switching between work and personal profile while navigating to the websites has bothered people a lot. Thanks to the recent Microsoft update that will let users to smoothly login to the work-related websites with an automatic instant switching of profiles option.

In the Microsoft 365 roadmap, it was revealed that Microsoft Edge would be getting a hybrid working feature. Apparently, the browser will now ask the users to switch between one of their profiles whether it be business or work, depending on the link they use to open the browser. For now, this feature is still under development, but it's confirmed that the feature will be released around the globe for Edge users.

Multi profile update on Edge browser is a speedy solution to the problem that users face while they are at home or at workplace. This recent Edge update lets you select a default profile to prevent you from confusion while you're doing your work. Microsoft has made a hybrid working tool to allow users to conveniently switch multiple profiles based on the website links. The browser will detect the difference between the content and characterize the profiles according to the links. Hybrid profiles tool is expected to come next month in June.

Most of us feel unproductive when our workplace and family life isn’t balanced. Everything looks like clutter. Office employees need to set boundaries between work life and privacy. Overlapping of profiles sometimes creates hurdles and disturbance. This is a great initiative by Microsoft that will allow users to switch between their work profiles and personal profiles with ease.

Similarly, Google Workspace also announced a feature they’d implement to improve convenience of users. They’re going to put borders between professional and personal workspaces to make sure that users won’t be disturbed by notifications of one or the other. This feature would be available to both mobile and desktop users.

Lastly, it’s worth mentioning that there seems to be a spurge of updates revolving around improving user experience across different browsers. We’ve seen tech giants like the ones mentioned above making improvements in various fields for the convenience of users. We’ll have to see what this update has in store for us when released and hope there will be more features like this to improve user experience online.

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