Google Maps Allows Customization Over Travel Medium In A New Update

Google Maps is a necessity when traveling to and from different destinations. The navigation app is for everyone regardless of their age. It can be a great asset if you are constantly missing out on turns. It comes loaded with numerous features to make the everyday commute easier for its users. The traveling app continues to introduce updates to make its user interface more friendly and accessible!

Google Maps is one of the few apps out there that can suggest a new route to your destination based on a real-time assessment of data. It can help you avoid any road closure, change lanes if there is a traffic jam or choose a safer way if there is any ongoing construction on the way. Google never shies away from a challenge and introduced a new feature in their navigation app to make it more accessible to those who do not travel by a car. Typically, when choosing a destination, a user is prompted to choose their medium of traveling. It consists of an array of options ranging from a car to walking; however, if you are someone who prefers the same medium to commute every day. This step can be annoying, especially if you use the app multiple times every day! Reportedly, their recent update is allowing a more customized experience for the user. It starts by letting you choose the preferred medium of travel.

Over the past few months, some users have noticed a shift in their typical Google map design. 9to5G managed to acquire screenshots of the beta version. It looks like there is a redesign in the mode of traveling feature. Apparently, the changes are not newly rolled out and likely have been here for a while. This brings the current version up to 11.27.2, and the feature will probably be released to all users, given that the later testing stage is going stable!

Taking a deeper look at the redesign, it seems that it is not limited to a single feature. The route box will no longer take up all the space at the top of the screen and is kind of embedded in there to look like it is floating. The preferred mode of suggestions is no longer at the top of the map either and has been moved to the bottom as well. Previously a user could quickly go through the predicted map route when choosing a destination; however, it seems that it is no longer a part of the updated version. The change, quite surprisingly, has been in effect since last February.

Moving onto the highlight of the update. The ability to choose a preferred medium of transport for commuting. Suppose you prefer traveling by a car as you go to medium daily in the app. The next time you input a destination, the car icon will be displayed at the first option to choose from! For now, the app remembers the last mode of transportation and displays it as the go-to choice. The redesign is in the testing phase, and it is quite possible that it may never see the light of the day. However, it would be pretty interesting to experience the new Google Map layout!

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