LinkedIn Tests New Features Including Star Chats And Save Posts In Drafts

Signing up for the digital platform LinkedIn is no less than a necessity in today’s world. Since its inception on May 5, 2003, the platform has amassed millions of users across the globe. The platform is primarily used to network with your peers and companies. You can easily develop a professional network on the platform, post your CV and further your career.

The platform allows both businesses and an individual to sign up on the platform. You can easily connect with the company, keep up with their updates and engage in a conversation. If a position opens, you can easily send in all your information via the platform instead of physically mailing it. Moreover, LinkedIn also allows its members to hold virtual and physical events. You can become a part of the groups, publish your articles on the platform, share job postings and post various sorts of media.

Recently, the platform introduced audio events. There are no restrictions as to who can host or join the event, and the platform is taking an active part in being more inclusive for people with special needs. Their audio talks now feature live captions, a feature that you may have come across on YouTube or another streaming platform. Whatever the hosts or the participants say will be transcribed into text and can be read by people who are hard of hearing. Its members appreciated the feature, and the platform was applauded for its additions to include special needs people.

In recent news, the platform is now working on improving its inbuilt messaging feature. The addition can help you pick favorites. If you are unsure, it is the addition of starred conversations on the platform. Since the feature is in its early stages of development, it is uncertain how it will work, but it can help you keep track of any chats that are important. For now, it is hard to answer if the feature pins your conversations at the top? Or if it sends out a unique notification. One can only know more about the update once it is rolled out to all LinkedIn users.

Were you ever about to post on the platform and something urgent came up that needed your attention immediately? In that scenario, you will either initiate the post from the beginning or save it somewhere else. That can be a hassle, and it seems that LinkedIn has been directing its attention toward its users a lot. The platform is now allowing you to save your posts as drafts. If your post is incomplete or you wish to post it at another time, you can simply choose the draft option, and it will be saved. Only when you decide to make it public the post will be kept in drafts, ready to be published with the click of a button!

Both of these updates come from a user on Twitter, Nima Owji, with the username @nima_owji. They reported on it almost immediately after the features came out; however, it is unsure how many users have access to the update. No official statement has been released by the platform either, and there is no timeline regarding the update’s release. Hopefully, the platform will roll it out sometime soon for all its users.

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