Consumers Are Not Happy As Survey Proves 49% Are Being Targeted Incorrectly For Ads

The current scenario in the world of digital advertising isn’t quite what many may be expecting.

Thanks to some massive changes to the world of ad technology and some major shifts in privacy regulations too, it’s safe to say that reaching out to customers in an impactful manner isn’t a piece of cake.

And now, a recent survey study by ParcelLab has shed light on how almost 50% of those surveyed claim they’ve always been wrongly targeted when it came down to advertisements.

When we take numbers into consideration, the damaging figures really paint another picture overall. We have seen how so many consumers that feel they’ve been served something incorrectly are truly the ones who respond in a harsher manner.

The survey highlighted how those that stated that they were targeted incorrectly by ads were also the first ones to immediately unsubscribe from a particular brand. In the same way, the study proves that around 24% of those customers were also among the first to take strong measures and block the brand on various social media apps.

Many of those surveyed stated that today’s ads fail to take into consideration some basic components relating to target consumers.

For instance, around 28% of those who answered stated they were approached by ads for products that weren’t age-specific. Similarly, the same number of respondents mentioned how an ad was sent out without taking into the fact that it was gender inappropriate.

So what do all of these figures really mean at the end of it all? Well, as you may be aware, so many consumers aren’t a fan of advertisements as it is. And with the way today’s digital advertising industry is functioning, it’s actually making matters worse.

Yes, the industry is huge and it wouldn’t be wrong to say that it’s booming too. And with more plans to send out online ads to users, the study says that we could be expecting to see spending on these matters reach about $124 billion this year and up to $142 billion by next year in the US.

The country’s advertising bureau has signaled how revenues generated by digital ads have increased by around 35% in the previous year. Certainly, it’s a huge increase and the spending seems to be driven by the great number of channels available for advertising agencies.

But the fact that the industry has so much promising potential and now everyone wants to get a piece of the profits, more and more businesses must realize there is a fine line between a good ad and a bad or forceful one. And if they don’t we predict more users being alienated as days go by.

The major take-home message attached to this particular study is simple. There are some major problems and the answers to those problems aren’t plenty. Therefore, social media apps are working hard to devise a strategy that replaces third-party cookies which are slowly but surely fading out. Similarly, Apple stepping in with its modifications to identify ads with the world facing stringent privacy regulations means the issues need to be addressed before it’s too late.

The answer to these issues isn’t about going back to classic ad systems. After all, there’s a major distrust factor associated with that. Nobody wants to give out more information when doing business.

ParcelLab’s recent study has said that advertisers need to enter the driving seat and take matters into their own hands. You can’t simply rely on apps to do the job right.

Also, you may believe that other approaches such as marketing through emails may come with less risk or are immune to matters about distrust, but that’s not the case. Shakeups are everywhere in the industry and they’re taking a toll on everything.

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