LinkedIn Provides Users With An Update About What’s Allowed And What’s Not Within The App

LinkedIn is going viral regarding a new update that surrounds its community policies. And that means users will be getting an up-close and personal look at what’s allowed and what’s not on the app.

These policies are said to be a new insight regarding a number of factors that relate to user engagement on the platform because of the high number of complaints that the app has been getting recently.

This is particularly related to women who have great reservations about the app serving as a pickup point for men who feel the urge to hook up with them at their convenience. And that too, solely on the basis of their profile picture.

But wait, that’s definitely not the only reason but it’s surely an alarming one as the rate of harassment cases goes up by a significant amount.

The company recently released a public statement addressing the matter while also speaking in detail about how they’re working hard at updating their policies in a manner that best benefits their members.

This includes outlining common restrictions and shedding light on how the app handles cases that go against the platform’s policies. Similarly, we saw LinkedIn highlight a range of content subtypes that were never allowed and hence will continue to be prohibited.

Common examples included harassment, abuse, and hate speech among all others. But along with that came another list of behaviors that would no longer be tolerated with immediate effect.

The new updated format is available for all to see and those who need further clarification can always resort to the help article.

The update is clearly one that many had been hoping for because what better time to release it than a period where we’re seeing engagement peak on the app. And that indirectly means seeing a rise in interactions that possibly go in violation of the terms and conditions outlined.

Last year, an alarming report had popped up from Canada which spoke in detail about females getting all sorts of inappropriate comments from male members on the app, including those where men found it convenient to just call them out as being attractive.

Even though LinkedIn has elaborated on policies related to unwanted advances and sexual content, the new format is sure to help paint a clearer picture to members about what’s not allowed.

Meanwhile, many critics are now claiming that the fact that the company had to resort to this degree is definitely a little shocking and that just goes to show the magnitude of the problem. But if you actually see it, it’s just an expanded version of a protocol you’d find at any workplace in regards to ethics and moral behavior.

And while it’s absolute common sense to behave appropriately in any professional environment, a constant reminder for members is always a must and it appears that this is it.

We hope the new format sends a warning to those users who find it alright to say or do anything that fulfills their heart’s content in any given surrounding.

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