LinkedIn Introduces Live Captions For Audio Events And New Features In The Latest Update

LinkedIn is a digital space for individuals and companies to display their portfolios. A profile on the platform is an essential for anyone looking to jump-start their career. It can be handy when you wish to change your careers, or maybe you are a newbie hoping to acquire some information about the company before committing to a 9 to 5 job for it. New updates on LinkedIn are welcomed with enthusiasm from its users. Especially if these updates can increase user engagement on their profile and help expand their digital portfolio!

Recently, the platform announced a set of updates. They include enhancement of service listings, the addition of real-time live captions for audio events, optimization of search posts and the ability to display a URL option on your profiles! Captions for audio events are the highlight of the new version.

Did you ever come across a YouTube video with self generating captions? The new feature from LinkedIn is not very different from the self generating captions either. As per LinkedIn’s own announcement, they implemented the latest changes so that audio meetings can be made more accessible for people with hearing disabilities. Once you have joined the session, you will be able to see and read real-time captions. It is the audio being transcribed by the platform’s AI! The feature is also helpful for people that are unable to access the audio due to network difficulties.

The caption feature is an addition to a big update introduced by LinkedIn back in January. The addition of audio rooms on the platform became widely popular. Users greatly appreciated it as it provided a more productive and work from the home aesthetic. However, not many users have made the transition from services like Zoom or Skype to the platform audio rooms. The feature’s low popularity can be blamed on the marketing skills and the problems users encounter during the event. However, with a few improvements, the addition of live events can be made a helpful feature on the platform. One that is quite popular and useful.

Moreover, it seems that the platform is eager to share its expertise in learning with its users. LinkedIn is introducing an interactive series about four weeks long that is designed to instil its learners with the ability to advance their careers in a more professional manner. Starting from May 18th, each Wednesday, users will have the ability to engage, ask questions and be a part of the conversation with experienced instructors. The series is expected to last till June 8th and is of great importance to the platform. It is a way for the platform to market its new features to users. You will be able to access the learning module as soon as it is made available by the platform. It can be an excellent opportunity to get in touch with new people and expand your profile

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