Amazon’s head of devices, David Limp, explains why he is not a fan of Meta

It's been 7 months since Mark Zuckerberg announced the future of Facebook and the Internet and changed the name of the largest social media application, Facebook, to “Meta” as in “Metaverse”.

The idea of shifting social media experiences to a virtual level saw mixed reactions. While some were excited about the upcoming trend, some even criticized the “Meta” plan. Among those who are not in favor of making everything virtual, includes big names such as David Limp, who is the head of devices at Amazon, the Chief Executive Officer of Snapchat, Evan Spiegel, and even the previous head of Nintendo, Reggie Fils,

According to David Limp, he is not ready to experience virtual reality, not even for a couple of hours per day. This is not the first time Limp has shared his views on Meta. Last month, during an interactive session, Limp expressed the same views. He added that he believes in the future, holding devices and gadgets that can help the reality grow, but not that technology, which instead of bringing people close, takes them apart, such as most kids and parents nowadays.

David further explained that the word "Meta" is not perfectly explained by Mark Zuckerberg. If he asks a number of people what Meta really means to them, they’ll receive twice as many responses, and every response could be different from others. He likes Augmented Reality Glasses but does not want people to become obsessed with them to the point where they become a part of their daily lives.

On the other hand, Evan Siegel also said that there is no proper definition of Meta, while Reggie Fils, the previous head of Nintendo, expressed his views that people may not want to spend their own time in a virtual world.

However, if something is opposed, it doesn't mean it will fall. Initially, the idea of the iPhone was criticized before it became the most sold phone in 2021. All that is left is to see who will stand on the right side. Either Meta will prove itself to be much more than a virtual world, or it will resemble exactly how it was defined by the heads and CEOs of different media platforms.

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