Leaks Suggest That Instagram Is Working On Reaction Videos And Drop-Down Menu For Homepage

Instagram is one of the biggest social media giants out there that narrowly beat out Facebook, YouTube and WhatsApp, becoming the fourth most used social platform online. Being in the top four is not easy. The media-sharing platform is likely to introduce a new set of updates that will significantly impact its average user's daily experience.

The platform was introduced to the world in 2010, and only in a span of almost 12 years Instagram had managed to secure one billion average monthly users! These statistics were recorded in 2022. It is no surprise that these users expect top-notch performance from the platform, as well as the inclusion of features that will make its interface more lively and easy to use. Instagram entertains 500 million users daily on its platform for an average of 53 minutes. Did you know that an average person may spend eight months of their life on Instagram? Well, the numbers may be far higher since their last study in 2018.

Instagram recently introduced a feature that mirrors TikTok's short videos. It goes by the name of reels and has been vastly popular on the social platform. Recent leaks suggest that the platform may be sneakily introducing a set of features to enhance user experience and engagement when they come across a reel. If you are someone who loves watching other people react to videos, then this new feature is no less than good news for you. According to an app researcher Alessandro Paluzzi, Instagram may be working on the ability to create reaction videos. This can come in handy for the hundreds of content creators on the platform whose main niche is to react and post videos. They no longer need to download, record, edit and then post the video. Instead, Instagram takes away the hassle of downloading and editing. A content creator can easily make use of the feature and produce videos with a quick turnaround time. You can even record your reaction and send it to your friend group. If you want to record your friend's response to a funny video or a humorous reel, it can come in handy.

Paluzzi also reports on a significant change that can be expected in Instagram's user interface. Your profile's home page, as you know, will never be the same. According to the user, Instagram is considering replacing profile tabs with a drop-down menu. Once you go on someone's profile, you will no longer need to either select one of the options available below the user's bio or swipe to reach the desired option. However, the new features reduce the trouble, and one can easily select the available option from the drop-down menu. It is unclear if the swiping option will remain in the new update.

It is important to note that both of these updates have not been officially confirmed by the platform, and there is no official timeline either regarding their rollout. Alessandro Paluzzi reported on the links from their Twitter profile. If you wish to follow them, they go by the username @alex193a.

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