A Leak Confirms That Instagram Is Working On A New Feature For It’s Content Creators

Instagram, the popular picture-sharing platform, is now the fourth most used social platform online. Facebook, YouTube and WhatsApp narrowly beat out the social media giant, and it seems that they are now locking their eyes at the first rank.

Since its inception in 2010, the platform has amassed one billion average active monthly users as of 2022. It is no surprise that creators have joined the platform, and some are even using it as their primary source of income. There are over 500,000 influencers on the platform. About 500+ million users watch their stories and actively follow their every move. To accommodate creators on the platform, Instagram is now introducing updates that are specifically catered to an influencer's needs.

One of the most famous creator marks is the blue tick that accompanies their profile. Verified ticks can be of great help if you are trying to follow the creator's page and not any of their fan pages. Since the introduction of the feature, you will hardly come across an influencer's profile that does not host the blue tick! Influencer accounts are extremely popular amongst the platform users, and this can be signified by the fact that an average influencer may have 5000 to 20,000 followers. That might not seem as big of a number if you compare them with celebrities with over a billion followers. Unless your account is verified, the feature is of no use to you; however, it can be pretty valuable for creators and influencers!

How many times did you try to call your favourite creator? Don't be shy. We all are guilty of sliding into the DMs of our favourite celebrities and trying our luck. While we may be reaching out to them occasionally, the reality is quite the opposite on their end. Imagine their 20,000 followers constantly calling and reaching out to them on a daily basis. Even though the influencer may interact with their following often, it can be quite exhausting to deal with such an overwhelming load of notifications every day. Well, Instagram is arriving, and it bears good news for all the influencers and the creators on its platform.

Twitter user Alessandro Paluzzi or more commonly known by their username @alex193a, is the first of the few to report on the feature. Accordingly to him, Instagram is now working on introducing a feature that allows verified users to select which users can call them! The feature is quite handy for people with a significant following. Once they have restricted their call list to specific people, they will no longer be bothered by any unnecessary notifications. The feature can easily be enabled by visiting the settings and turning it on. However, the workings of the feature are still unknown, and it's unclear how many verified accounts have access to it. Anzer Ayoob, another user on Twitter who goes by the username @anzerayoob, replied to the same thread and said that they did not have access to the feature despite being verified. However, the original tweeter Alessandro Paluzzi replied to their comment, saying that it is a leak.

The screenshots posted by the original tweeter look promising. Still, nothing can be said with assurance until there is an official update from the platform itself. One can only hope that the leak is the feature in its alpha/beta testing and that it will soon be released to content creators on Instagram across the globe.

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