Instagram’s future update may allow users to post full-screen 9:16 images, videos, and reels

The most used social networking site for sharing photos and videos and reels, Instagram, consistently introduces new updates in order to keep its users stay glued and entertained on the platform.

Currently, the application is working on a new update that aims to make it easier for users to view any Instagram image or video in full screen with no effect on its pixels, which means now they will be able to view an image or video in full screen with high quality.

The site officially hasn’t announced the launch of the feature or anything related, but recently Matt Navarra posted a screenshot which shows that a follower asked in a “ask me anything” session about whether they are going to get larger, full-screen images 9x16 anytime soon, Instagram’s head Adam Mosseri replied that they are currently exploring and learning more about this area.

Instagram users find it a great and a helpful future change, as right now they have to make sure that their photo or video that they are going to upload falls under the standard Instagram guideline i.e. aspect ratio 1:1 (for square posts), 4:5 (for vertical images), and 1.91:1 (for landscape posts), and for that, they sometimes have to crop their videos in order to be fit in the standard sizes, which also results in destroying the pixels of the post. But with this upcoming update, they will be able to make posts on the full screen using the 9:16 aspect ratio.

So we can say Instagram is finally moving on from its earliest square-sized posts to full-screen posts now, and become more like TikTok and allowing users to post images, videos, and reels in full size. One of the users commented below this new update post that it is a creative way to encourage Instagram reels because this update is actually going to help the users who post reels on Instagram as it will help them post full vertical 9:16 videos without messing with their pixels.

While this new update might give a lot of advantages to shooters who make their videos vertically, it can cause trouble for photographers who use a camera that originally captures in a 2:3 ratio. It might be more terrible for Micro Four Third lenses and cameras, like Olympus and Panasonic, which captures in a 3:4 ratio, when shot vertically. These require very much cropping in order for the picture to fit in Instagram’s standard size, which results in a very poor-quality image.

Adam Mosseri also hinted that the feature would first be available to smartphones but nothing can be said about when is the feature about to be introduced. Also, till now Instagram doesn’t let users post a 2:3 image without cropping, so 9:16 is way too much for Instagram. A photographer and YouTuber John Keeley says that it looks like the Instagram feed is about to get pretty messed up.

What are your thoughts on this upcoming feature? Comment down your thoughts in the section given below and feel free to give some nice suggestions.

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