IDC rating report marks iPhone’s 13 series as the top most selling smartphones

IDC issued the listing of best-selling mobile phones in 2022, in which iPhone 13 and 13 pro max have secured the first top places out of 5 in 2022’s first quarter. Additionally, Apple 13 Pro also overtook the fourth position, while Samsung smartphones of model A12 and A32 positioned at third and fifth spots, respectively.

Although, this list only includes the names of the mobile phones and hasn’t included the unit number’s quantification. Francisco Jeronimo shared that the sales of iPhone 13 were worth nearly 42 billion USD in 2022, which equaled nearly 80% of iPhone’s market sales in the previous years. The sales of 13 Pro max recorded greater than of 13 pro in 2022.

Data shows that Apple phones dominate the tech market in this year’s first quarter. Their positions were: iPhone 13 at the first position, 13 pro max at second, and 13 pro placed at number 4.

iPhone 13 pro max sales have been greater than that of iPhone 13 pro generally because of its slightly larger screen. iPhone 13 pro max has 6.7 inches screen, as compared to 6.1 inches display of the 13 pro, which shows that people have preferred the iPhone 13 pro max over the 13 pro due to its larger screen display despite the higher prices.

iPhone 13 came with advanced features of the fastest chipset and a dual back camera in 2021. iPhone 13 pro max is the max version of its 13 series that holds a triple back camera, supporting 120 Hertz refresh rate.

It is important to note that despite its short supply Apple brand has made a record-high profit in the recent holiday season beginning from October to December. The Cupertino based company has alone marked nearly 71.63 billion US dollar sales of iPhone during the holiday period. It calls for the increasing demand for Apple smartphones among the population.

Not only Apple iPhones, but the two sets of Samsung also came into competition with Apple as A12 and A32 also made their places in the ICD listing. According to the reports, these phones made sales of approximately 4 billion dollars in South Korea in 2022’s Q1.

If we note the A12 and A32 smartphones' features, A12 holds 6.5 inches IPS A32 has 6.4 inches AMOLED display screens. The MediaTek Helio Processor chipsets can construct the primary reason of their popularity.

In short, iPhone 13 provided Apple with billions of income in 2022. The income generated from the other two models of iPhone 13 is different. While Samsung’s A12 and A32 also contributed somewhat to the market with their increased sales.

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