Google Launches New Capability For Its ‘Multisearch’ That Allows Users To Find More Local Information

Last month, we were all witnesses to Google’s launch of its Multisearch functionality. This new feature was designed with the intention of providing ease to users as they could now enable searches using both pictures as well as text simultaneously via Google Lens.

But with Google’s I/O 2022 summit underway, we saw the tech giant speak of an update involving this Multisearch functionality.

Through this new rollout, users are being given the ability to better enhance their searches for any sort of local information.

For instance, the tech giant outlined recently how it will be so much simpler to get information about a specific dish or perhaps any specific object through Google Lens. But now, you can even use the ‘near me’ option that is seen within the search bar. This will provide a series of local results.

Now, users can simply take a snapshot or long-click on the image seen online and then press the ‘Near Me’ functionality. This will ultimately provide users with all the relevant information they need with help from local businesses in the area.

The functionality is reported to work on a number of different things like restaurants, clothing, gadgets, food, and more.

For now, it’s going to be available in English only but can expand to several languages soon.

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