Google adds a ‘Compatibility for devices’ option on the Play Store under the ‘About’ section of apps

Most of our devices work with the android operating system. Whether a tablet, smart TV, smartphone, or wear OS smart watch, all the devices run under android OS. While installing any application, you worry about the compatibility of your device with the application. To solve this issue, Google rolls out a new component on the Google’s Play Store reported by 9to5Google, ‘Compatibility for your devices’. This recent update is accessible for a limited number of users running on devices with version, as reported by 9to5G.

To check out this update, scroll down to the base section of the app interface you are interested to install. Tap on ‘About this app‘ bar where you will notice an elucidation or description box where it clearly tells whether the application is compatible with your smartphone or not. One thing important to note is that the software only tells about the devices that are connected with the Google account. If the android devices aren’t active for the past month, the Play Store will not be able to tell you the device’s compatibility with the app.

Despite this, It is worth mentioning here that every latest device has a mini section of its own that displays the compatibility of the device that tells the application you want to download will work with it or not. The section also displays the android version, download size, and required operating system option, which tells you what version of the application is good for your device, also shows file size and APKs, etc.
To wrap up, Google’s new Play Store update will help users to decide which app is compatible with their device so that their precious hours from busy schedules won’t be wasted. A simple description will guide users. Moreover, Galaxy S22 Ultra reported being accessible with this new update on version 20.6.16-21. It seems like we have to wait a little more until the tech giant completely launches this feature on all current devices. As of now, the ‘Compatibility for devices’ option is only in the testing phase and only available to a small number of users. But it is expected that it will soon be released for all Android users in the upcoming days.

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