TikTok reveals security guidance tips for users for Internet safety month

Every year, online safety month is celebrated all over the world to spotlight some of the suggested tactics and methods to promote the security of users and provide a healthy and safe environment on the internet, especially for young users. It’s been more than ten years since internet safety month has been celebrated worldwide. This is to remind folks that online safety is a major concern and precautions are essential to protect children and teenagers before they become the victim of cyberattacks. In this regard, every platform shares suggestions and preventive measures to provide enhanced cybersecurity to online users and make them cyber-savvy.

In this scenario, the short form video app, TikTok collaborated with the National Cybersecurity Alliance (NCA), the Global Cyber Alliance (GCA), and ConnectSafety to inform people about cybersecurity practices. In collaboration with internet advisors, TikTok is working on an advanced IT security toolkit for users to get access to the online safety note. Through the toolkit guide, gradually people may develop useful habits that can prevent them from cyber risks.

TikTok has provided five guidelines ahead of Internet safety month expected to be celebrated in June, let’s discuss each one of them.

Be cautious while connecting to community Wi-Fi: mostly users tap on unfamiliar wifi in a public place without thinking about what harm it may cause to their privacy and security. Data, credentials, and personal information can be accessed by hackers easily. To prevent this, TikTok suggests users enable two-step verification in all social media accounts whenever they gain access to community Wi-Fi. The username, passwords, and account PIN code must be strong and hard to predict. By doing so an added layer of security will be retained.

Leave no footprints: another tip to keep yourself safe is to delete all information about your apps and browsing history. Always backup your personal photos, documents, and files on a secure device.

Turn Family safety mode: this is the parental control tip. Parents can link their accounts to their children’s TikTok accounts. This way, they become aware of what their kids see and receive. TikTok’s privacy guide can be customized and it's easy to understand.

Never tap on fake links: the internet is a place where daily one in ten users become victims of phishing emails and scams. Be aware of fraud links and avoid tapping on attachments whom you think the sender is unknown to you. Never sign up or log in with your account on unauthorized websites.

Lastly, TikTok encourages the community to interact, engage, learn and grow together. TikTok wants people to stay safe and enjoy games on the internet.

To wrap up, above mentioned safety measures can help people to use the internet safely. It’s a great initiative from TikTok and we appreciate it. Furthermore, Tiktok also introduces a new user guide that assists people to access precautionary measures.

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