Former Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey Bids Company Farewell After Stepping Down From Its Board Of Directors

Jack Dorsey’s time at Twitter has sadly come to an end as the former CEO steps down from the company’s board of directors.

The news came with immediate effect on Wednesday during the firm’s meeting with various shareholders.

But the news isn’t being taken as a huge surprise by many as Dorsey was already seen distancing himself away from the company that he had once co-founded.

Last year, Dorsey resigned from the post of Twitter’s CEO because he wished to divert his full attention to Block which was previously known as Square.

Dorsey’s plan to exit the social network’s board has been in place for a while now, ever since he made the choice to step down from the CEO position.

During that time, we saw the firm note down how Dorsey would continue to be a part of the board till the expiry of his term in the year 2022 during the meeting for shareholders. And it appears that the day has finally arrived.

Without a doubt, the exit of Jack Dorsey from the company is definitely a historic moment for many in the organization who claim it’s the end of an era. We’ve seen the man be so engaged and involved in the organization, ever since Twitter came into play.

As you can imagine, Twitter seems to be in a very difficult and unpredictable situation. Remember, we’re seeing billionaire Elon Musk get cold feet and seem opposed to buying the company.

The Tesla CEO is fearful that he could end up paying more for a deal than its actual worthwhile raising issues relating to the false number of fake accounts that he was presented with on the platform.

Twitter is one of the world’s leading social networks and that’s why seeing this much change in such a short span of time is truly worrying for many.

We’re seeing unpredictable times ahead for the platform as the man that led the firm during two very different eras has exited from the picture as a whole.

Remember, Jack Dorsey is the man behind Twitter’s policies when the app was bombarded with political chaos and uncertainty with the Trump administration. Similarly, he was the one who signed off the call that came from Elon Musk to convert the firm into a private entity.

Another major development that we saw take place on Wednesday was related to a shareholder meeting where the board of Twitter united to remove Elon Musk’s ally and fellow Twitter board member Egon Durban. He is the owner of the private company Silver Lake.

Needless to say, the drama with Twitter just keeps on coming.

Photo: Mark Warner / Flickr

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