Great News For Creators As Google Launches Ads For YouTube Shorts Around The World

Staying true to its promise, Google has recently rolled out ads for YouTube Shorts around the globe. The news was unveiled at the company’s Marketing Live that took place this week.

Now the launch comes at a time after the company has been busy carrying out various types of experiments on the popular Shorts platform since last year. Hence, to many people’s relief, it’s finally here.

The tech giant revealed how different actions, as well as app campaigns, would be making their way toward YouTube Shorts as of now.

And then before the year ends, we’ll be seeing different advertising stakeholders link their product feeds with their campaigns to make engaging video-based ads on YouTube Shorts that are more shoppable.

You may have come across the same salient feature on fellow competitor app TikTok that gives users the opportunity to glance over products through YouTube Shorts, without the hassle of switching browsers.

Meanwhile, a recent blog post launched by the company’s vice president for ads says the new rollout of ads on the platform is a great achievement. Referring to it as a milestone, he called it another pivotal step in giving creators a wonderful monetization opportunity through which revenue would be generated.

Moreover, another interesting point worth noting is how the company will not be indulging in a direct share of revenues created from these ads for the time being at least.

Instead, YouTube hopes to give its hardworking creators full credit in the form of rewards through the app’s Shorts Fund which they’ll receive their share on a monthly basis. This will be the strategy until and unless they come up with a better long-term solution.

Last year, we saw the company launch its Shorts’ creator fund which was worth nearly $100 million. As an integral part of this program, the app hopes to invite thousands of its artists on board that fit the eligibility criteria. This way, they can expect to earn anywhere between $100 to nearly $10,000, all depending on viewership as well as the level of engagement that they receive through their content on Shorts.

As far as eligibility is concerned, creators need to come up with original content and not just videos that were reposted somewhere else or those that originally belong to another creator from a different social network. Remember, originality is the key here. Similarly, all artists should be above the age of 13 years to qualify.

For now, we have confirmed facts from YouTube about how thousands have already received their payments through the app’s fund. The platform also says how more than 40% of those paid in the previous year weren’t even monetizing content through the app.

And that just goes to show their due level of commitment or dedication to supporting its creator community with many more unique opportunities being lined up in the near future.

On average, YouTube Shorts gets around 30 billion views on a daily basis and that’s almost four times the levels seen in the previous year. Therefore, the fact that the platform isn’t so new and how so many people have become accustomed to using it now means it’s destined to do better, performance-wise. And that calls for better advertising opportunities.

Similarly, it’s a great chance to compete against leading rivals like TikTok who have been working on monetization opportunities for creators too.

Other than ads for YouTube Shorts, we’re seeing Google make some more announcements recently about advertisers now being allowed to showcase shopping-related ads to American users through its Search.

They’ll clearly be outlined as ‘Ads’ and will pop up in their assigned slots across a page. On the other hand, Google also announced how it’s now going to allow merchants the ability to showcase their products and services through the help of 3D-based models of various products. Again, we’ll be seeing this appear across Google Search as well.

Lastly, Google has unveiled some great anticipation over its ‘My Ad Center’ that will hopefully launch by the year’s end. In this way, it hopes to give users more authority in regards to their privacy as well as their overall online experience when in touch with the platform.

Users can also now select the ads of their preference to be played on Google Search, Google Discover, and YouTube too.

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