Twitter’s Media Website Undergoes Rebranding As ‘Twitter Create’ To Help Give Creators More Access To Resources

Twitter is on the move to help assist its creators and that’s why the company announced today its decision of rebranding the platform’s media website as ‘Twitter Create’.

The company’s main focus behind the rebranding was related to providing a new hub that different creators could now use to gain access to the platform’s expert tips, product details, and better resources. To put it simply, the target was to get the most out of the app in the most convenient manner.

Under the new rebranding, the firm says it hopes all of its creators would now better comprehend how simple it is to use Twitter’s products and further engage with other creators for great networking opportunities.

Similarly, a new change calls for a new Twitter handle and that’s why it will now be renowned as @TwitterCreate.

Through this method, Twitter hopes that its creators can gain access to all sorts of resources across the internet relating to different industries. We’re talking about the likes of entertainment, sports, writing, podcasts, news, and more.

The company hopes that dividing the different subjects into categories would make it ten times easier for creators to search for data that they’re looking for in a much more organized way as now it’s directly being customized for their benefits.

This includes a complete guide for various creators that is related to their specific target across Twitter. Common examples could include generating revenue, audience engagement, or simply working hard towards their brand’s development.

The website’s recent statement about the new media website rebranding went into detail about how Twitter was much more than simply tweets. Instead, it’s about bettering its products across different areas on the website and putting forward educational tutorials to help others make the most of its offerings.

This rebrand has come at a time when Twitter had just spoken about how keen it was to give its creators more opportunities to grow via its platform.

We saw how Twitter had just launched its Creator Dashboard that was designed to assist such creators in making money by analyzing different approaches like Super Follows or the famous Ticket Spaces too.

In the same way, Twitter has highlighted how it plans to better its dashboard for the future, ensuring it’s a place where creators can maximize their potential with a little extra help from the app’s side.

The company is also working hard with its e-commerce ventures and has even launched a ‘Twitter for Professionals’ functionality that’s aimed at firms and creators. This is an innovative profile setting that allows users to better market their content via ads.

So as you can see, the work being done is plenty from Twitter’s perspective.

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