Elon Musk Took To Twitter In An Attempt To Draw More Of The Platform’s Userbase Towards Using The Chronological Timeline

Elon Musk has recently taken to Twitter, advising the platform’s community to switch back to the chronological order timeline, as opposed to the algorithmic one.

So, of all the things happening in 2022, I didn’t really put Elon Musk buying out Twitter all too high on my list of expectations: mostly because caring about the lives of billionaires is a zero sum game, but also because it’s sort of a bonkers move. Then again, deciding to buy Twitter because of a couple of tweets sounds like it’s right up Musk’s alley. At any rate, Elon Musk has denied taking an active role in the company’s future progress, choosing to leave employees and the board to their own devices. However, it does put the billionaire in an interesting spot of power: one in which he can throw whatever shade he’d like to at Twitter, using the platform’s own account, with literally no lasting implications. However, Musk did decide to air out his complaints regarding one universal factor that I’m sure most everyone hates: Twitter’s algorithmic timeline.

No matter how much Jack Dorsey attempts to defend the interface, Twitter’s algorithmic take at presenting users with content is quite honestly not great; or good, even. It prefers to introduce unnecessary bias and public influence into someone’s feed, which is more often than not undesirable. The internet loathes advertising, and this is just a different version of the same concept. Creators on Twitter were also peeved with the system, because many of them noticed sharp declines in engagement and followers. An overall bad idea from the start to the end is what the algorithmic timeline ended up being.

Elon Musk went ahead and clearly voiced his own opinions on the matter, offering some insight as well. While he clearly and vocally appreciates the chronological timeline better, Musk has also been clear about how he feels that algorithmic in and of itself is still not a bad idea. However, the man’s ultimate statement is that algorithmic systems offer up content that a user may like and naturally gravitate towards. Regardless of how true or false this is, Elon Musk further elaborates that due to such natural biases being introduced to a person, unwittingly of their own making, then there’s no room left for a person to experience or explore other ventures, avenues, and ideals.

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