Apple makes yet another effort to aware users about their privacy; makes advertisements about privacy on iPhone

With time many technology users have started realizing that while mobile phones, technological devices and the internet are making their lives easier, it is also costing them their privacy, thus over the last few years, technology companies are striving towards providing clarity in their privacy conditions, while also making them aware about privacy and data theft.

Amongst the companies promoting privacy awareness is the technology giant Apple. Apple is one of the largest tech giants and the most famous creators of mobile phones. The company is known to bring out the latest technologies which literally changed the world of tech for the better.

Recently the company has launched an advertisement campaign that is made for providing privacy awareness to its users.

Named as 'Privacy on iPhone', the advertisement targets data brokers and data auctions that are used to sell off sensitive user data and information, without the user knowing about it.

The advertisement emphasizes on the fact that companies, including many large corporations collect user data and use it for advertisements to earn massive revenues, or in the worst case scenario, these companies sell the data they collect to many different third parties.

Moving on the advertisement also shows how Apple can solve this problem since the phone contains App tracking transparency, Mail privacy protection and Privacy report, which protects the privacy of every iPhone user.

To further emphasize on its features Apple displayed that using these privacy settings in the iPhone, you can easily control who sees your data, they also allow you to prevent harmful emails and more.

Apple is currently running the ad campaign very aggressively and has uploaded its advertisements on many social platforms and video sites, while also putting up billboards with the title 'Privacy on iPhones'.

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