Apple to Focus on Advertising and Streaming as the Tech Firm brings changes to its Services Team

The tech firm Apple is famous for some of the most amazing mobile devices and hardware in the world. This isn’t all that the company is restricting itself too. For a long time we have seen Apple working towards the services part of its business and the recent events show just how dedicated Apple is towards it.

The company plans on focusing on the matters of service category by focusing on pushing advertisements and streaming platforms. Moreover, the big tech also plans on bringing changes in the service team for better creativity and making this niche profitable than before.

According to Insider, Apple's senior VP of services Eddy is already working on some massive changes. Moreover, the VP of services Peter Stern who according to his LinkedIn profile was also responsible for the advertisement sector is now asked to focus his attention on services like Apple One. This seems like a fair trade because when one’s attention is divided into various aspects not only creativity lessens but the outcomes aren’t as great too.

The advertisement responsibility is now expected to be handed over to Todd Teresi, however, nothing is confirmed by the tech firm itself yet.

The changes are brought after Apple has seen some massive accomplishment in their services over the past year. Not only did the company see an increase in its subscription number, but the Apple Store Search Ads which is its sole area of advertisement saw some massive accomplishments too. The Apple Store Search ad grew by 238% and stands at an average of 3.7 billion dollars in 2021. However, this isn’t all and it is expected to hit 5 billion dollars this year. Reports and data suggest that the improvement in the Apple Store Search Ad was observed because of Apple’s new ATT feature.

It is safe to say that the company’s new focus and the change in a few work related tasks is because of the recent improvements. Apple is keen on accomplishing more and more and we can’t wait to see what else it has in store written for itself and for us to see.

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