Apple’s Stringent Privacy Policies Pay Off As More Consumers Place Blind Trust When Buying iPhones

Consumers have strong perceptions when it comes down to tech companies offering privacy.

This was already highlighted in 2022’s Consumer Privacy Trends Report where so many respondents claim they looked up to tech giants as leaders or role models offering the best measures in place.

Similarly, we saw so many respondents speak about how important privacy protection was when they bought mobile phones. After all, these devices can be seen as your world that’s packed with personal details.

Be it your locations and text messages to online conversations and images too, there’s a lot of personal information being released into this gadget that we rarely think about.

Therefore, it makes sense why more and more consumers are becoming conscious about what they invest in and what sensitive privacy protection policies are currently presented by tech firms when they purchase phones.

The survey proved that 72% of respondents were very concerned about their privacy in this regard. Surprisingly, 21% felt it was the single most important consideration for them when purchasing their mobile devices.

The survey also highlighted how more females than males were concerned about their privacy, where 22% called it their deciding factor when making their final selection for mobile phones.

But the concern doesn’t end there. So many respondents taking the survey voiced opinions about how important it was to them that private messaging companies were keeping a check on messages being shared.

Around 64% of those surveyed felt mobile operators were doing a great job while ensuring their privacy was protected over the past year.

In particular, users were questioned relating to the platform that best supported their privacy. And the answer was Apple, hands down.

Was this a surprise for many, well, not really? The tech giant has proved on many occasions how it takes users’ privacy seriously and that was consolidated with the results.

Over 50% would choose Apple over Android any day, while only 35% felt Android was better. Interestingly, even those using Android today felt Apple did a better job in this respect.

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