Google All Set To Launch ‘Advanced Web Apps Fund’

The Google Chrome team has long been on the lookout for web-based technologies that give users a one-of-a-kind experience.

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that any experience that is similar to the service provided by a particular platform is always appreciated.

This is one of the main reasons why Google has always supported browser functionalities that lie along that particular aspect. But the latest development by the Google Chrome team is related to the launch of the Advanced Web Apps Fund.

While the tech giant has failed at giving an accurate definition of what it actually means when it says advanced apps, it did go about mentioning how it likes to reserve the term for a website with app-like designs and functionality.

Google has elaborated upon the great Chrome advantages such as WebTransport and WebAssembly, not to mention everyone’s favorite Adobe Photoshop as leading examples. But what exactly is Google on the lookout for?

Well for starters, Google appears to be seeking innovative capabilities, perhaps something like WebSQL that could replace WebAssembly. Similarly, it hopes to include both libraries and other gadgets that make the app creation process a simpler affair.

In particular interest, apps like Bubblewrap and a number of drivers that support WebUSB are worth consideration. Other applications that serve as demos or even tutorials relating to the best web apps are more than welcome as well.

Google says that it must be remembered that the team at Chrome has really put in a lot of effort towards designing capabilities. However, they can only be held responsible for a small chunk of the ongoing work.

And that’s related to the fact that app developers put great reliance on a number of other people arising in the community. They have strengthened the ecosystem with APIs and a number of other designated products.

We saw in 2013 how keen Google was in terms of designing powerful web tools through its Packaged Apps. This came with a number of renowned capabilities like CSS, JavaScript, or the good old HTML5.

They were popular with many including those arising from the education sector or even developers too. And then in 2016, tech experts claim was the era where the tech giant was sure their browsers were doing a great job at solving queries and enhancing user experiences.

As far as the requirements for this new fund are concerned, the company says you only require an Open Collective, which is an account through which you can apply. Moreover, it will also give you the benefit of nominating others along the way who are ready to accept changes in the funding code. Only then can you expect the sponsorship to gain approval.

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