Apple Justifies Removing Developers’ Apps By Saying Nobody Was Using Them Anyways

The battle between Apple and some of its developers continues as the tech giant recently published a blog post that justifies why it plans on removing outdated apps in the first place.

In case you weren’t already aware, Apple was feeling the heat from all directions when it threatened to remove apps that weren’t updated in a really long time. But the news didn’t go down too well with plenty of developers who felt Apple’s threatening move was not only unjust but unnecessary as some of their products didn’t need an update in the first place.

Moreover, many held the opinion that a significant amount of time and effort went into making their products, and to abruptly remove them because of no update didn’t make sense. Therefore, Apple has now released a public statement on the matter, where it tried to clarify its position.

The company mentioned how the move was a part of its improvements on the App Store. Similarly, they claim that only those apps that hadn’t undergone any major update in the past three years were going to be removed, or perhaps those who failed to reach a minimum limit in terms of downloads.

This included cases where the app was never downloaded or was only considered a few times throughout the year. It also boldly claims that all developers who fell under this category had been sent out emails hinting at their removal from the platform.

Plenty of developers came out publicly with those emails, expressing their concerns on the matter and how they would now need to meet the 30-day deadline if they wished to continue.

But other major worries stemmed from the fact that Apple seemed to be keen on eliminating an entire wave of apps as the company felt there was no sense of belonging. A lot of the complaints were related to gaming apps like console games whose creators felt their products were valuable, even if Apple didn’t see them as a service.

Apple’s press release also tried to clear away any misunderstanding relating to inconsistencies that developers may be having. For instance, some creators said there are apps that are as old as 7 years, yet they’re allowed on the App Store without any update. Apple responded by mentioning how they’re there because of their popularity.

But some critics believe Apple’s own statements are contradicting themselves because this particular reasoning isn’t aligned with the first part of the statement. This is where Apple revealed how it’s removing old applications to bring back quality, enhance users’ discoverability, and give users the best experience.

See, if some old app has an issue, there would be greater problems if that bad app began getting an increase in downloads.

To many, it appears like the company is on a cleaning spree of its App Store so users find it easier to differentiate good apps from old, irrelevant ones.

And while many developers feel Apple is disregarding their hard work, the company has recently mentioned how those receiving emails will now be given 90 days to update, instead of just 30.

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