Here's What Apple's CEO Think About Acquiring Big Companies And Talent

With the internet famous billionaire Elon musk acquiring the micro-blogging platform Twitter, the topic of acquisitions has been quite the trend. Just recently the topic was discussed in one of Apple's 2022 fiscal earning calls.

While giving a talk at the fiscal earning call, CEO Tim Cook was asked about the tech giant's strategy on acquisitions of other large companies. With Apple earning massive revenues and having large reserves, it's quite possible for the tech giant to buy companies worth billions of dollars and strengthen itself into more segments.

Tim in his reply said that Apple isn't ruling out the possibility of acquiring companies, instead it looks forward to it, however it is currently focusing on companies that are in search of Intellectual Property and Talent. The tech giant has been interested in this segment for quite a while and has been finding small companies and startups with IP and Talent.

Apart from this announcement of interest in IP and Talent, Tim also talked a lot about Apple acquiring other companies and startups and even jokingly waved his phone and told that though he is not going to reveal his list of potential Apple acquisitions, the company always keeps its eye out for good acquisitions.

Reporting a profit of 25 billion dollars this quarter, Apple surely has the power to acquire many large firms however market analyst is suggesting that the tech giant should buy Peloton which since Peloton has quickly risen in the home exercise market and due to its similar target audience and fame would prove to be a great help for the development of health based Apple devices and applications such as Apple Watch and Apple Fitness plus.

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